Current exchange rate – PHP 55.00 : USD $1

USD: United States (US) dollar ($)
Due Date
“Q” Quarterly August 1 – payment #1–25% For all families, the minimum due is 25% at the beginning of each quarter.  Payments must be made on or before these dates. In the event a payment is more than 30 days overdue, a 2% penalty will be assessed to that amount of tuition and other school related fees that are determined to be overdue.
October 1 – payment #2–25%
January 1 – payment #3–25%
March 1 – payment #4–25%
“M” Monthly August 1 – payment #1–20% 3 If you wish to make monthly payments this schedule must be followed.
September 1 – payment #2–10%
October 1 – payment #3–10%
November 1 – payment #4–10%
December 1 – payment #5–10%
January 1 – payment #6–10%
February 1 – payment #7–10%
March 1 – payment #8–10%
April 1 – payment #9 -10%
“A” Annual or “S” Semester For those families who may want to take advantage of discounts for early payments, the following applies. Paid on or before the first day of School will be 3% discount. Payments of 50% on/or before the first day of school and January 1 will have a 1% discount applied to each payment.

3Should you choose a MONTHLY schedule for payment, you need to make an initial payment of 20% of your annual fees on or before Aug 1 of the current school year and 10% on or before the first of each month beginning Sept 1  and ending Apr 1 of the next year. In the event you do not choose a payment plan, the quarterly plan will be chosen by default.


Faith Academy appreciates parent volunteers for various positions on campus. We invite you to serve along with us when you are available. Whether as a coach, classroom assistant, playground duty, substitute teacher or helping in the library . . . we have these and other opportunities to serve on an informal (non-contract) basis. Our hope is that your gift of time and service will make a positive impact on our students.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer application. You may also email the Volunteer Coordinator to find out the requirements and what positions are available.

If you know of another person who is already serving in the Philippines, but is not already a parent of a Faith student who might like to serve, please share this application with them.

Personal Driver Registration

For the safety of our students, we ask that you register any driver who is not the child’s parent or legal guardian. Drivers who are not registered may be prohibited from entering campus. Thank you.


All Faith Academy students and staff are placed in one of four houses for the duration of their time at Faith Academy. The four houses are named using Greek Biblical terms. They are Kaio, Anastasis, Machaira, and Tharseo. The house system provides a vertically oriented infrastructure that intentionally allows for mentoring and friendship building across different grade levels, leadership opportunities for students, and more deliberate pastoral care in our school community.

Kaio (Fire – to kindle & give light, John 5:35)
(Phoenix – to bring life, John 11:25)
Machaira (Sword – to bring truth, Eph 6:17)
Tharseo (Wolf – to be bold & courageous, Heb 13:6)